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The most popular and best diets in the world 2018-2019 according to the volume of google searches the benchmark indicator for public trends. Top10Better is undertaking the most comprehensive diet reviews of all known diets. Below each diet is summarized and links to a full review page. We have included many free resources for each diet to help you on your weight loss journey. Get involved tell us your experiences we would love to hear from you ! Share what works and what doesn’t give your review and rating to help other users.

Weight Watchers Diet – WW Freestyle 2,240,000
Paleo Diet 550,000
Mediterranean Diet 301,000
Dukan diet 246,000
Atkins diet 246,000
Dash diet 246,000
Slim fast diet 190,000
South beach diet 110,000
vegan diet 110,000
Anti Inflammatory Diet 110,000
5:2 diet 110,000
Keto diet 94,000
Cabbage soup diet 74,000
Alkaline diet 74,000
Master cleanse 40,500
Zone diet 33,100
Vegetarian diet 27,100
Mayo clinic diet 22,200
Grapefruit diet 22,200
Macrobiotic diet 18,100
Raw food diet 18,100
whole30 diet 14,800
mind diet 12,100
flat belly diet 12,100
ABS diet 12,100
The fast diet 9,900
fertility diet 8,100
2 week diet 8,100
clean program 8,100
nutritarian diet 8,100
HMR diet 8,100
Flexitarian diet 6,600
Body reset diet 5,400
Ornish diet 4,400
Engine 2 diet 4,400
TLC diet 3,600
Biggest loser diet 3,600
Hollywood diet 2,900
Jenny craig diet 1,900
Asian diet 1,900
Volumetrics diet 2,400
Nutrisystem diet 1,600
Chicken soup diet 1,600
Glycemic index diet 1,600
Optavia diet 720
Eco atkins diet 260
Idiot proof diet 210
supercharged hormone diet 140
spark solution diet 70
fresh juice diet 50


Weight Watchers WW Freestyle

tww the no 1 rated diet in 2019

7.5 / 10 Reviewer
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  • The most popular diet plan in the world.
  • Support groups and coach.
  • Phone App.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • Suitable for high cholesterol.
  • Suitable New Mothers.
  • Eat any type of Food.
  • Cons
  • There is a monthly membership charge
  • Summary
    The most popular diet plan in the world with 4 times as many searches on google then any other diet. Founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch from New York after a neighbour apparently mistook her for being pregnant. Weight Watchers is rolling out its new name WW freestyle the WW being an abbreviation of “wellness that works”. The basic principle is that you have a daily points target and can eat the types of food you like {within reason :). Each meal or ingredient has a points value called smartpoints which you can easily calculate on the main review page. WW uses a intelligent points system that assigns more points to junk food and less points to nutritious food.
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    paleo cave man diet review

    7.8 / 10 Reviewer
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    Free ResourcesFor You
    Full ReviewRead Now
  • 2nd most popular diet after weight watchers.
  • Healthy natural option.
  • Some studies say it aids weight loss.
  • Decreased blood pressure.
  • Increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Improved cholesterol.
  • Cons
  • Very Restrictive for the average person.
  • Initially hard to follow.
  • Limited eat out options.
  • Summary
    The term “Paleo diet” was coined(and copyrighted) by Loren Cordain in his 2002 book “The Paleo Diet”. The most recent dietary trend, it is endorsed by quite a handful of celebrities, among which are Channing Tatum, Jessica Biel, Blake Lively, Phil Mickelson, to name just a few. The diet’s core strategy is in mimicking ration of our paleolithic ancestors, excluding all foods unavailable to them, that is, grains , diary, sugar, salt and processed foods, everything that came about after the neolithic revolution. In terms of its make-up, Paleo diet can be described as a combination of gluten-free and low-carb diets: about half of your energy comes from meat and fish, while the remainder is comprised of wild berries, fruits and vegetables, all the stuff available to a hunter-gatherer. Some interpretations of the diet are less strict, allowing for some processed foods to be regarded as imitating their primordial counterparts with similar chemical composition.
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    Mediterranean Diet.

    mediterranean-diet-for beginners

    6.5 / 10 Reviewer
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  • Promotes longer life
  • Good for a healthy heart.
  • Lower sodium intake.
  • Cancer-fighting antioxidants .
  • Cons
  • No guidance on daily Intake.
  • Uses macronutrient distribution which may be confusing.
  • Promotes moderate intake of wine which may not be suitable for all people.
  • Summary
    The Mediterranean first came to the attention of the public in 1975 when Dr Ancel keys and his wife DR Margaret Ancel highlighted how it could combat many diseases. They where inspired by how people in Greece, southern Italy and Spain where so long lived and healthy .Many studies have shown the Mediterranean diet decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and helps people live longer.
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