2019 Forskolin Review – does it help you to Slim and what are the side effects ?

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Coleus Forskolin extract may significantly help in weight loss, according to the latest research.

Studies done on C. forskolin extract had positive results that could provide hope to all struggling with obesity.

There has been a proliferation of Forskolin weight loss supplements in the market since it was recommended on the Dr OZ Show.

Many weight loss products use the Forskolin plant extract as the main ingredient. But how effective are these supplements? Read on to find out more.

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Who developed Forskolin and when was it released?

Forskolin was developed by a Finnish botanist, Forskal in 1974. It was initially known as coleonol. Many chemical and biological compositions of this plant extract have SINCE been identified, and the name changed to Forskolin. It refers to all pharmacological and food solutions from the plant Coleus forskohlii.

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More about the plant

Coleus Forskolin is an herb that thrives in the temperate climate of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. In India, it is recognized as Makandi.

It grows to 2 feet with teardrop-shaped leaves, that assume a bright green tint and a purple center.

The plant blooms with a stack of purple or blue flowers.

The tuberous roots of Forskolin are the part that has attracted medical buzz in the past couple of decades.

The plant has tuberous roots with a natural golden-brown shade. The roots are harvested in the fall, that is when the Forskolin component is high in the roots.

Forskolin has for centuries been used in Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of heart and lung infections, stomach problems, insomnia, and convulsions.

In 1974, the plant extract was researched for cardiovascular benefits by scientists from Hoechst in India. Since then, numerous potential health benefits of the compound have been unearthed.

Today there are many supplements made from Forskolin believed to be the magic formulae for weight loss.


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Forskolin Ingredients and how they work 


In most cases, Forskolin supplements come in the form of 124mg or 250mg capsules or tablets on the market.


However, in a majority of the supplements, manufacturers use 10% of the pure natural extract in combination with other ingredients.


Consumers have to be on the lookout – to avoid supplements with many unnatural additives.


Many studies have been done on the effects of Forskolin on weight loss have been test-tube experiments or studies on lab rats.


Much more substantive research is needed when it comes to humans.


Forskolin helps in weight loss by catalyzing enzymes lipase and adenosine.


These are the two enzymes that actively contribute to stripping free fatty acids from all body cells.


Once the fatty acids are free, metabolism is natural the natural way, where the fats are broken down to energy.


Critics of Forskolin, however, argue that it does not address the fact that a calorie deficit is needed for weight loss to occur. It is common knowledge in the dieting world that you must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

So even if the Forskolin improves the body’s fat burning capabilities, people might not expect much of change without a healthy diet and exercise.


The same applies to any other weight loss supplements out there. The effect should be such that energy expenditure exceeds calorific intake.


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Forskolin Supplements are believed to support weight loss by:


• Suppressing ravenous appetite

• Reducing indigestion

• Increasing the rate of metabolism

No respectable scientist has confirmed that Forskolin causes any of these things. What has been unearthed from clinical trials on humans are probabilistic predictions of how Forskolin could promote fat loss. In that case, slenderizing will require regular exercise and a healthy diet.

In one study done on a group of overweight and obese men, Forskolin weight loss supplement was found to have helped them reduce body fat. But no changes in weight was recorded. It also increased levels of the hormone testosterone. It is a medical fact that testosterone is a hormone that leads to increased physical activity and thus leads to weight loss.

In a double-blind experiment, 23 obese, overweight females were treated with 250 milligrams of Forskolin twice a day for 12 weeks. It was found that Forskolin failed to help them lose weight. But one thing was clear – the women never added on any extra weight while they were taking Forskolin.The subjects were found to have lost substantial amounts of body fat and had a higher testosterone level than before. However, more studies need to ascertain these results and confirm the safety of the Forskolin supplements.

Therefore, it might be an overstatement to say that Forskolin is the magic formula for weight loss. Though studies show that it may slow weight gain and increase levels of testosterone in men, Forskolin cannot single-handedly deliver you the perfect body you desire as some marketers tout it.


What Manufacturers say about Forskolin Supplements


Manufacturers believe that Forskolin extract is a dominant metabolism component that also helps to build lean muscle. These effects, stem from Forskolin’s ability to enhance the levels of a specific molecule within the body, namely the cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This AMP’ molecule is said to take part in many biochemical processes in body cells- one of them being the elimination of fat.

Some of the known effects of cyclic AMP include reducing inflammation, blood pressure, anti-glaucoma, preventing platelet aggregation, stabilizing the lung health and establishing an affirmative inotropic action in the heart.

However, one better use of this enzyme is the fact that it stimulates hormones that activate all the fat burning mechanisms within the body – hence, the reported weight loss benefits. So, this might be the reason why Forskolin is used in many weight loss formulas today. With its structured cyclic AMP, not only can it help to improve the body’s immunity – but it also starts the weight loss process and catalyzes all possible fat burning mechanisms in the body.

For optimal results, manufacturers use tandardized extracts’ with the purest ingredients. But besides Forskolin extract and some vegetable ingredients, little is known about the chemical binders and other additives used in the supplements.


Other potential uses of Forskolin?


Beyond weight loss, Forskolin is also famous for other medicinal properties. Researchers are currently looking into the supplements potential ability to help in:

• Remedying symptoms of asthma

• Treating seral types of cancers

• Preventing heart conditions

• Reducing high blood pressure

As at the moment, quite some scientific studies have been done on Forskolin’s effect on disease. Studies on animals suggest that it may indeed have a positive impact. No human tests have been done so far regarding the same, so all of that is presumed to be inconclusive.


Risks and benefits of Forskolin

People taking blood thinning medication and those suffering from low blood pressure should steer clear of Forskolin.

Most people who have used weight loss supplements before are familiar with the risks of possible side effects. The best thing about Forskolin supplement is the fact that it is purely natural, unlike many other supplements in the market. For that reason, Forskolin is considered safe.

Most of the chemical based weight loss supplements target the cardiac system to raise blood pressure to stimulate physical activities. From the studies done on Forskolin, it naturally helps in fat metabolism without interfering with the cardiac system, therefore lowering the risks of side effects.

Nevertheless, Forskolin manufacturers might often hide other dangerous ingredients in their weight loss supplements. The FDA has asked consumers to exercise caution against Forskolin just like any other supplement in the market.

Unlike with pharmaceuticals, the FDA does not monitor manufacturing of food supplements. In that regards, it calls upon consumers to be watchful, to do research and find out what are the ingredients of Forskolin supplement before purchasing. The FDA might have concerns about purity, quality, and dosage.


Forskolin can potentially be harmful to certain groups of people. These include:


• Patients with kidney disease

• People with a slower heart rate

• Women on menopause

• Those on blood pressure medications such as Beta-blockers, Calcium channel blockers, Clonidine and Hydralazine

• Pregnant mothers – No conclusive studies have been conducted on the safety of this supplement during pregnancy, so pregnant women should avoid it.

Possible Side Effects of Forskolin


Forskolin has not been exhaustively studied, or vouched for by any medical or dietary board. So far, there have been reports of side effects among users including:


• Flushing and reduction in blood pressure

• Restlessness, breathlessness, and irritation in the airways

• A headache

• Stinging pain the eyes and bloodshot eyes.


What is the Right Forskolin dosage?


If you are interested in using Forskolin for its potential weight loss benefits, the best dosage to start is between 25mg to 60mg per day. This is how you will get your body to adjust slowly and adapt to the supplement.


On Amazon, manufacturers hype Forskolin as a supplement that packs plenty of weight loss benefits. The products are said to:


• Help reduce stored body fat in women and men

• Help reduce appetite and cravings

• Support the building of lean muscle

• Boost the rate of metabolism

• Increase physical activity energy levels

• Promote a healthy hormonal balance


What Other Websites Say about Forskolin


One Google search for “Forskolin” will give you needless results from websites either promoting or discussing the science behind the Forskolin supplement. Many people have allegedly had a massive weight loss with no side effects after using the supplements.
Everyone from dieticians to TV personalities praises Forskolin as the new weight loss answer. Some other websites burst popular fat-burning myths about Forskolin and warn about possible side effects. Others encourage people to steer away and stick to a proper diet and exercise.

On manufactures’ websites, many like to point out the Forskolin supplements have been featured on TV by Dr. Oz as a perfect weight loss solution. Celebrities are said to have used the supplements to magically cut weight as they train for roles in fashion, TV, and film.

According to Livin3.com, there is a real scientific basis for Forskolin’s chemical activity. The website reports that Forskolin positively alters the rate of fat metabolism in humans, making it a better choice for weight loss.


The website reports that Forskolin has the following list of benefits:


Better circulation – According to a study done on Forskolin, the researchers allegedly found that Forskolin helps to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Prevents muscle spasms- Forskolin is said to be a muscle relaxant. For that reason, it is also used to treat discomforts in the digestive tract and menstrual cramps.

Offers relief in idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy- In this case, Forskolin supplement is administered intravenously to improve heart function.

Alleviates asthmatic symptoms – Forskolin is said to help widen airways in the lungs, which in effect relieves asthma. Livin3.com says that studies prove that taking Forskolin capsules has a better impact on asthma than inhaling it. The same information on the outcome of Forskolin for Asthma is found on WebMD

Skincare- It is believed that Forskolin helps to alleviate conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Should You Use Forskolin Supplements?


As corroborated by Dietvsdisease.org, there’s no evidence that the supplements can help with weight loss. A small study showed that it reduced body fat in men but had no effect on weight. Another study showed that it did not affect weight or body fat in women.

Other microscopic studies indicate that Forskolin may help prevent weight gain, but it is all unsubstantiated. Given that it costs a top dollar for a one-month supply, users might want to spend the money on fresh food and vegetables.


Forskolin supplements are readily available for purchase online. But in any case, it would be wise to consult a doctor before trying a health supplement.

Forskolin is not a lifetime solution for weight loss. No one can ever lose weight without a healthy diet and a regular workout routine. If you are on a healthy diet and a regular work out routine and still no weight loss, you can talk to your doctor. He/she will advise to help with weight loss, and help you choose the right supplements.

Forskolin Weight Loss and Side Effects Review 2019
  • Forskolin Weight Loss and Side Effects Review 2019

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