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Mediterranean Diet Review 2019 – Free Resources

Written by Jason Currie
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  • Promotes longer life
  • Good for a healthy heart.
  • Lower sodium intake.
  • Cancer-fighting antioxidants .
  • Cons
  • No guidance on daily Intake.
  • Uses macronutrient distribution which may be confusing.
  • Promotes moderate intake of wine which may not be suitable for all people.
  • Summary
    The Mediterranean first came to the attention of the public in 1975 when Dr Ancel keys and his wife DR Margaret Ancel highlighted how it could combat many diseases. They where inspired by how people in Greece, southern Italy and Spain where so long lived and healthy .Many studies have shown the Mediterranean diet decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and helps people live longer.
    Quick Weight Loss
    Longer Term Weight Loss

    What Food Can you eat on the Mediterranean Diet

    Olive oil, fruit, vegetables and proportionally higher portions of fish with moderate consumption of cheeses and yogurts are the foundation of the diet.

    Why is the Mediterranean diet good for you British Heart Foundation

    Why is the Mediterranean diet good for your heart?


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