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keto pill side effects and customer ratings

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If you keep in touch with recent diet trends, you’ve probably stumbled upon this word, “keto”. Its full name is ketogenic diet a low-carb diet. The principle at work with this diet is tricking your body to switch the fuel source from glucose to ketone bodies(those are β-hydroxybutirate, acetoacetate and acetone, if you’re curious).The question is do the keto diet pills work ?
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amazon best keto weight loss pills

Keto pills are popular on Amazon and feature in the best seller lists most of the time however the percentage of customers rating keto pills excellent was 62%. This is quite average and we have seen many supplements with higher approval scores. Check our top 10 list for weight loss supplements here .

customer ratings for keto pills

google web searches for keto pills

There are 1300 monthly searches for this product on google. 

This is actually quite low considering the Keto Diet is well established and gets 94,000 searches per month. 

An alternative Keto supplement some people are talking about is Keto Diet . We are quite excited about it and will be writing a full review soon. If you would like to visit the website before hand Click Here.

The Ingredients are well documented Raspberry Ketones is on our top 5 list – Apple Cider Vinegar is a top 10 amazon seller and Green Tea is also well documented so  this could be the real deal  !!

keto diet pills review


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ingredients of of keto pills

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Keto Pills
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