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Welcome diet buddy will give you a tremendous advantage in loosing weight and getting into shape.

Often used by professional athletes and actors diet buddy will allow to keep track of your weight and body measurements.

Rendered in colorful graphs you get an instant snapshot of how exercise and diet is effecting your weight but also very importantly how your body is being affected.

Starting a diet without a plan or a means to track your progress is like walking into a huge forest without a compass and hoping you find your goal. To many fail and give up it gets to much.

well with diet buddy you will be able to see your success, its free and we will support you every step of the way ! We will tell you what your ideal weight is, how many calories you need to loose or gain weight and what percentage of carbs, fats and proteins to consume in each meal.

There is a certain satisfaction in seeing your weight graph curve downward when you loose weight and its also very exciting to see your measurements increase if you pump weights. So get started today by pressing get your stats.